Ayşe Lale Hazar

Lale HAZAR is a graduate of Uskudar American Academy and has worked as an Deputy General Manager, an ELTteacher and International Education Programs Consultant in schools for 38 years. She also  develops inclusive education programs for teachers who work  with children having Specific Learning Difficulties. HAZAR, who is a teacher trainer, a specialist on Communicatve Approach/Student Centered Learning,  and a PBS Coach has been running School Wide Positive Behavior and Interventions Support Program in Turkey since 2010  and has been collaborating with Istanbul Ministry of Education in order to disseminate PBS in the public schools. She is the founder of two NGOs PREP-Psychological Rehabilitation and Education Programs Association and ODGEDER-Organization of Positive Behavior Support. Currently she has been leading two projects in Istanbul as the Project Director of ODGEDER with her PBS team.  “Bridge Between Addiction and PBS” is being implemented in Uskudar District of Istanbul and the second project  “Towards an Inclusive Education;  Syrian Urban Refugee Children Successfully Access Turkish Public Education in Istanbul” which has recently started, is in Sulatanbeyli District of Istanbul where there is a high number of Syrian Refugees. HAZAR has been invited to talk on PBS implementation and researches on the field  at the Association of Positive Behavior Support Conference which is held in USA, several times. Currently she is working on establishing PBS Europe with colleagues from Netherlands, UK, Denmark, Germany and Belgium.